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Ozone in Horticulture Webinar

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and disinfecting agent with a short residual lifetime. This means that it can purify water and surfaces and then decompose back to oxygen leaving behind few if any by-products. The characteristics of ozone make it a good choice for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) such as vertical farms and greenhouses. This webinar will begin with an introduction to ozone as it relates to the present applications. The session will then review applications of ozone in vertical farming including the use of ozone in combination with filtration as well as considerations with fertigation formulations. The use of ozone in greenhouse water use and reuse will also be covered. Finally, the use of ozone post-harvest to treat fruits and vegetables to improve shelf life and protect consumers will be discussed.

Panelist: Tony Sacco; Jeffery D. Martens; Buck Young; 

Dr. Saad Jasim; Cristian Carboni 

Moderator: Tony Sacco

ROPES Webinar Series

ROPES Virtual Career Development Panel

Learn from a panel of ozone experts about different career paths and opportunities including academia, consulting, utilities, and industry. 

Panelists: Denise Funk, PE, BCEE; Eric Wert, PE, PhD; Charles Bott, PE, PhD; France Meder 

ModeratorFaith Kibuye, PhD

Date: March 22, 2022; 1-2:30 PM ET

Learning the ROPES: How to Stand out on LinkedIn

Tips for Water Professionals

Presenter: Jim Lauria 

Moderator: Abby Momorella

Date: November 19, 2020; 8-9 AM PDT

Technical Webinars Accessible to Members

IOA members have access to recordings of the below technical webinars under the members tab or by clicking here.

Ozone CFD 101: How to Successfully Utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) To Improve Mixing, Transfer, and Disinfection

Broadcast Date: June 25, 2020; 10-12PM CDT

Webinar Information Flyer

Ozone in Potable Reuse

Broadcast Date: October 15, 2020; 8-10PM PST

Webinar Information Flyer

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