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    IOA-PAG now has a Conference Information page on LinkedIN.  Click here to access the page and you will have all of the latest information and updates at your finger tips!

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    Dates just announced for the 2019 IOA-PAG Conference in Atlanta, GA! Mark your calendars for August 26-29, 2019 at the Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center.

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    Improved website keeps all the content from before and now provides our members flexibility to update their membership information.

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IOA Ozone Update…

Posted on April 27, 2017 by ioa Posted in President

Greetings everyone,

The last three months have been busy for IOA. Late in January the Executive Operating Committee met at the IOA Washington D.C. conference venue. An entire day was spent by all reviewing and planning for the upcoming IOA World Congress! A wonderful hotel with both excellent business meeting facilities as well as a great variety of things to do in the DC area! Please start planning your journey and get registered!

The hotel is accepting registrations through the IOA conference website and book travel early to save some money.

Proud EOC Members getting things ready for your conference in DC.


If possible get the atrium view room!


Where I have seen ozone in the past few months…
Shopping at “Whole Foods” I came across the ozone generator as shown below:

Ozone working at “Whole Foods”.

Apparently all of the “Whole Foods” chains have ozone on their preparation sinks. It is labeled sanitization/disinfection below. The ozone unit is the stainless steel box below the sink with the large light (green/red). Nice…

Future Activities:
IOA will have our own booth at ACE 2017 in Philadelphia from June 12 – 14th. The goal is to drum up IOA membership and entice visitors to see what we have planned to the DC conference. We will bring additional attendees to our show. We also want to show that IOA and ozone are both strong and ready to assist the needs of the industry! If you are planning on being at the show please come by and say hi. Our booth number will be 805.

Other ozone news:
Water Environment & Reuse Foundation has released its Final Report on water reuse guidelines for water reuse of non-potable water systems. Yes ozone is included! I have been fortunate to provide many ozone systems over the years in which water (roof runoff, storm water, graywater, or wastewater) is collected, treated and re-used. Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts uses ozone. During game day 70,000 people visit the stadium and throughout the week the collected wastewater is treated and ozone is an integral part of this. The water is treated and ready to be used for the next big game.
The above link allows you to add to your cart and download. No charge.

Please provide any information you may see on ozone to us! We will be glad to share to the group.
Start planning for D.C!
John Overby

Halloween Ozone Update

Posted on October 25, 2016 by ioa Posted in President

Welcome everyone. It has been nearly 2 months since we all met in Las Vegas. It was wonderful conference with 173 people in attendance! 10 countries were represented and the great news is that we ended the conference with a surplus, ensuring the sustainability of the organization! Congratulations to the Silent Auction and Dan Smith for the 50/50 Raffle! The combination raised nearly $ 2,000. Special thanks to Cameron of Clearwater Tech for his donation of the sink ozone generator and excellent wine selection! I had many memorable experiences as I am sure all of you had. Some of mine were the great technical sessions, vendor interaction, Oscar Goodman visit, yes his Showgirls, Kerwin memorial dinner, and the great venue offered by the SouthPoint, Las Vegas.

pic-1Welcome Reception, August 28th, 2016

The conference proceedings are all posted and available for review and download:

2016 Conference Proceedings

The IOA 2017 World Congress and Exhibition is right around the corner and the EOC is meeting in January at the Gaylord in Washington to help plan for next year’s event. The conference will have three days of sessions with two planned for exhibit booths. For exhibitors that have extra money this year, the IOA website is soon to have early bird registration available. Plan early and save extra money!

One final thing from the conference… the IOA Board did approve the Bylaws! The hard work and dedication by Kerwin was the reason we got here and thank you everyone for setting a foundation and movement forward. Distribution of the final copy to the board will be soon as well as posting on our website.

Other news – PAG has uploaded Ozone News on the International Site. ALSO – active are the advertiser links (meaning a simple click on an advertisement will direct one to the advertiser’s website). We are offering this free to advertisers for the next 6 months and then we will tally the click-through activity and determine direction. Exciting for the advertisers and true VALUE for them.

pic-3Technical Tour of the Mirage Dolphin Facility! Thank you Mirage…

pic-4OzoFractionation – ozone in action!

Other ozone items…
In a recent visit to the store I came across the following bottled water:

This water comes from Dubai and in my travels to Japan earlier this year as well. It appears ozone is not desired in bottled water in certain international markets. They consider it an additive and not “pure”. Interesting…

The past few months have been especially busy with tradeshows. At WEFTEC, both AirSep and OWS proudly displayed the IOA poker chips and tri-fold brochures! Everyone heading to tradeshows should ask Jen for some of these and get the word out please. The chips are a great hit in that people walking by looking for items pick the chip up, walk away and do read it.


Remember to bring out IOA Poker chips and the trifold at all conferences to help spread the IOA world.

Kerwin Rakness passing

Posted on June 13, 2016 by ioa Posted in Uncategorized

We are all saddened by the loss of Kerwin Rakness. He passed away on Thursday, June 9th.

With deepest sympathy to all who knew him and counted him as a friend.

Kerwin cropped

Below is the obituary.

A contribution will be made, on behalf of the PAG, to the Lutheran Church Memorial Fund.

Kerwin’s obituary

John Overby
President – IOA PAG

Japan Ozone Conference

Posted on June 8, 2016 by ioa Posted in President

I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Japan Ozone Conference in Kyoto last week. The conference was well attended with nearly 150 people for the two day event! I presented two papers during the show. One on the IOA PAG summary of how we operate and the second on my take of the U.S. Industrial Ozone Market. Keisuke Ikehata from Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering helped me on this journey and even translated my presentation and slides into Japanese (Thank you, thank you Keisuke!).

Some picture of this journey:

Ice Breaker and Ozone Friends:

Blog 2-1

From left to right: Mr. Ryutaro Takahashi, Metawater Co., Ltd, Mr. Masanori Nieda, Ohnit Co., Ltd, Dr. Yasuhiro Kato, Metawater Co., Ltd, Keisuke, Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc, John, Ozone Water Systems, Inc, Mr. Hirofumi Takahara, Japan Ozone Association, Mr. Takatomo Akazawa, Maezawa Industries, Inc, and Mr. Makoto Yao, Maezawa Industries, Inc.

One interesting thing I found was that there were no exhibitors. The supporting vendors were able to display company signage and literature only (see below).

Blog 2-2

During the conference I did sit in on the JOA Board Meeting. The highlight of this was the election of the new JOA President, Dr. Yasumoto Magara! After the board meeting a special memorial for the late Dr. Masahiro Fujiwara was held. All in all it was great to be able to see the passion for ozone within a group looking at ozone from a different perspective.

For ozone usage in Japan I was surprised ozone is not used in bottled water in Japan. They tend to see ozone as an additive to pure water and don’t see a value. Hopefully we can help steer them into the use of ozone here!

Other sites and things I enjoyed during my visit:

The Kyoto train station is one the most amazing I have ever been in. Yes those are elevators all the way up (both sides). An incredible hub for people movement! Level 8 on the other side has an entire shop full of noodle restaurant stores! Yes, the entire floor!

Blog 2-3

Keisuke and John seeing out new IOA Members…

Blog 2-4

And one of the true amazements of Japan…. Yes, beer in vending machines…

Blog 2-5

The only other amazing item in Japan I will mention…. The latest Toto toilets. The utilize UV light (Actilight) for sanitization, electrolyzed water (ewater +) for rinse, as well as motion sensors, heaters, and basically everything making me in need for one here in the U.S (no ozone though). Retail pricing on these start around $ 12,000 US so may have to wait.

Go Ozone…


Posted on May 16, 2016 by ioa Posted in President

Welcome to the IOA BLOG site. This has been an idea in design and finally being able to bring into the reality phase. The concept was to use this as a weekly or monthly update on the ozone world from the IOA-PAG Presidents viewpoint on ozone growth and issues moving forward. Welcome.

The objective is to share ozone thoughts from not just myself although the entire EOC board members. Interesting facts, updates, ideas, and the future of ozone shared with current members of the IOA. Less formal and with the love of ozone as our vision. This BLOG will be available for paid and current members of the PAG group and as an open session for communication and information exchange.

So what has been going on with IOA-PAG lately?

  1. The Las Vegas Conference is on-line with registration and all links active! If you have not checked this out or registered to attend – get with it.
  2. Website Update – WOW too much to list here. Check it out. There are past PAG presidents, EOC members with bio’s, Ozone News (latest and CURRENT edition via Flipbook), and many more items for those who log in.
  3. Months of tedious Bylaw updates will soon be emailed out for a board vote. We don’t have a current bylaws although will VERY SOON!
  4. IOA GIVING Back to the Ozone World – IOA will accept payment for ozone equipment donation to a Painted Dog Exhibit at St. Louis Zoo. The Painted Dog is the most endangered canids in the world! A 60,000 gallon water feature will soon accept ozone donated on behalf of Ozone Water Systems and Clearwater Tech (IOA) for treatment. The entire exhibit will be solar powered and comply with NO outside energy source. A true “living building challenge” and a plus for ozone and energy usage elimination. More information on this will be soon to come.
  5. Donald Trump and Hairspray… I will leave the comments to you…

Stay tuned and go Ozone.

Thank you all for your continued interest in Ozone. Those who haven’t paid your dues yet… last Blog you will see.

New IOA Website

Posted on May 7, 2014 by ioa Posted in Uncategorized

Thank you for visiting our brand new website! This is something that was long overdue and we appreciate your patience. Our goal is to have a user-friendly space for you to easily find what you are looking for. We will continue to make adjustments and changes to this site in the coming days, so if what you need isn’t here, just let us know.

The IOA would like to extend a special thanks to Joel Leusink  and Daniel Mahaffy (Ozone Solutions) and John Overby and Mark Pacheco (Ozone Water Systems) for making this new website possible.

Life Members and YPs: Dedicated to the Profession

Posted on May 2, 2010 by ioa Posted in Uncategorized

Article courtesy of the
Water Environment Federation

Being a part of the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria Va.) is important to many members on both a professional and personal level. The relationship between WEF and its members is mutually beneficial; services and benefits available to members often inspire a sense of dedication and desire to be regularly involved in the federation, which in turn enables WEF to be a successful organization.

Members’ dedication is apparent in both WEF’s long-term members and newcomers to the organization.

Members Smith Small

WEF life member Dan Smith. Photo courtesy of Smith.

Life Membership
WEF life member status is given to those who have been active members for at least 35 years and have reached the age of 65, but life member Dan Smith’s dedication to WEF goes beyond even this remarkable achievement. Smith’s relationship with WEF began when he joined as a student member in 1967. During his 43 years of membership, Smith has attended 30 annual conferences, participated in various committees, and, as a professor, sent many of his graduate students to WEF’s annual conferences.

“I’ve developed a lot of friends, colleagues, and contacts all over the world from people I’ve met at the conferences,” Smith said. While he was pursuing a master’s degree in sanitary engineering at San Jose (Calif.) State University, Smith’s advisor sent him to his first annual conference in New York in 1967. “It was a real eye-opener to me in terms of the depth of the field of wastewater engineering,” he said. “Developing rules to not only protect public health but also the environment, that was all very appealing, and seeing it all exposed at the conference had a tremendous impact on me at that time.”

Smith continued his education as a Ph.D. student at the University of Kansas (Lawrence) and attended another WEF conference in Chicago. In 1971, he became a full WEF member through the Alaska Water Management Association (Anchorage). Currently, he is a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta (Edmonton).

Educating students in the field is one of Smith’s proudest accomplishments, and encouraging them to attend at least one WEF annual conference is a large part of their education, Smith explained. He hopes that the experience will expand their horizons as it did for him. “I think it’s really important for the students to put a human face on this [wastewater engineering] work that they’re working on,” he said. “It’s all made a tremendous impact on their vision of the field and understanding, in a real
hands-on way, the scope of wastewater engineering.”

“For me, the journal and the literature review in particular are extremely valuable in learning about new things that are happening,” Smith said. He uses WEF’s annual
literature review as a teaching tool, asking graduate students to use what has been identified in the review as a base to start their research, he said. Also, he compiles all issues of Water Environment Research and makes them available for student research and will have students critique journal papers as an assignment.

Through the years, Smith has participated in WEF’s Public Relations Committee, Program Committee, and Literature Review Committee; participated in specialty workshops for his local association; attended various WEF specialty conferences; and presented papers at WEF annual conferences.

Haley Falconer

SYPC Community Service Project Chair Haley Falconer at the committee’s 2009 community service project. Photo courtesy of Frank Crilley.

Student and Young Professional Membership

WEF’s young professionals (YPs) may be newer to the water quality field than life members, but their desire to be widely and consistently involved in WEF is no less apparent. Take, for instance, YP member Haley Falconer, who joined WEF as a student member in May 2006 and hasn’t missed attending an annual conference yet. As an undergraduate at North Dakota State University (Fargo) pursuing civil engineering, she was approached by a fellow student to compete in WEF’s student design competition. Since then, her involvement in WEF has grown.

At Falconer’s second conference, she sat in on the Students and Young Professionals Committee (SYPC) meeting and became interested in helping organize a proposed annual service project. After expressing interest to the SYPC, she soon became co-chair and now is chair of the project. “The nice thing about the Students and Young Professionals Committee is that if you show any interest in anything, you’re given the responsibility to be a subcommittee lead or to help with a particular task,” she said. “So you get to slowly get more and more involved and learn a lot about the organization.”

Falconer received a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Washington State University (Pullman) and started working at HDR (Omaha, Neb.) as water/wastewater project engineer in January. “Professionally, just being able to meet so many people has really opened up so many doors,” she said. Contacts she made through WEF helped her get her current job, she added.

As a part of the SYPC, Falconer gets to meet people with similar interests at a similar point in their lives and gets the ability to influence the way the group grows, she said. “I like being a part of the organization, being a part of the decision-making process and the direction that something’s going to head,” she said.

Falconer believes in the SYPC and loves that being involved keeps her motivated. “It’s a way to keep things fresh,” she said. “It’s a way to know I really am giving back.” She also has attended one YP Summit and WEFMAX meeting, and two regional WEF Member Association conferences, she said. For the future she wants to expand her involvement in WEF by looking for more technical ways to participate. She expects to continue as an active WEF member for the foreseeable future. “I don’t see myself not being involved,” she said.

International Joint Commission appoints a Director to the Great Lakes Regional Office

Posted on March 29, 2010 by ioa Posted in Uncategorized

The International Joint Commission is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Saad Jasim as Director of the Great Lakes Regional Office.

Dr. Jasim was the First CEO of the Walkerton Clean Water Centre and played a major role in establishing the Centre to make it a leader in the drinking water industry for training, education and research.

Prior to his work with the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, Dr. Jasim served as Director, Water Quality and Production for the Windsor Utilities Commission. He proposed, and successfully implemented ozone for drinking water treatment in Windsor, Ontario, making Windsor the first municipality to have water treated with ozone to all residents, and to the residents of two other municipalities.

Dr. Jasim has received awards for his work, including; the 2008 Emerald Award-Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 2004 Engineer of the Year Award-Professional Engineers of Ontario, the 2001 Meritorious Service Award from the American Water Works Association-Ontario Section, and the 1998 Business Professional of the Year, Windsor and District Chamber of Commerce. He has presented and published more than 60 papers on water quality and water treatment processes.

Dr. Jasim is an Adjunct Research Professor at the University of Western Ontario and Adjunct Professor at the University of Windsor and a member of the Council of the Great Lakes Research Managers, the International Joint Commission. He is also the Vice President of the Ontario Water Works Association; Chair of the International Ozone Association – Pan American Group; Director of the Board for the International Ozone Association, and member of NSF Joint Committee on Drinking Water Treatment Units-NSF International. Dr. Jasim is also a member on the AWWA Organic Contaminants Research Committee and the AWWA Plant Operations Research Committee. Dr. Jasim also is a member of the Board of Editors of Desalination, the international journal on the science and technology of desalting and water purification. Dr. Jasim received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Baghdad University, Iraq.

Congratulations to Dr. Jasim from the Pan American Group!

Congratulations to Dr. Jasim from the Pan American Group!

Posted on November 1, 2009 by ioa Posted in Uncategorized

Congratulations are certainly in order for our Hans van Leeuwen, who was just announced as having been selected as the 2009 R&D Innovator of the Year! FYI, the news story about this major award is iven at the following ISU web URL: As you may have heard, Hans was short-listed as a top-5 R&D 100 innovator last year, and with this latest recognition Hans now joins an extremely elite group of past recipients (i.e., Larry Page – the co-founder of Google, Burt Rutan – the developer of the SpaceShipOne vehicle, etc.).

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre Receives Ministry of the Environment 2008 Emerald Award

Posted on March 3, 2009 by ioa Posted in Uncategorized

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre received the award at the Emerald Awards Ceremony held on March 3, 2009 in Toronto. 

The category: Innovation 

The category recognizes new and creative ways of doing business. It may involve tools,
processes, practices, research or policies that significantly helped to improve the ministry’s
operations or help meet its goals. 

The Centre received the award for Better Training and Knowledge for the Water Treatment
Professionals of Today and Tomorrow. 

Award Recipients: 

WCWC: CEO Dr. Saad Jasim, Linda Thompson, Maurice Oduor, Dr. Souleymane Ndiongue, Dr. Housseini Coulibaly Honourable Mention Recipients: WCWC: Patricia Ruetz, Greg Hayes, Kelly Fransen, Corinne Louther, Carol Siegfried, Paula VanVeen, Devendra Borikar, Omar Alshikh, Nathan Pray, Lissa Irwin, Venkat Ramani, Ling Liu, Linda Cranston, Katherine Campbell 

Award Recipients & Presenters 
Back Row L to R: The Honourable John Gerretsen, Minister, Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and Gail Beggs, Deputy Minister, MOE presenting the award to Maurice Oduor, WCWC; Dr. Souleymane Ndiongue, WCWC; 

Front Row L to R: Linda Thompson, WCWC; CEO Dr. Saad Jasim, WCWC; and Dr. Housseini Coulibaly

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Dr. Saad Jasim, the Walkerton Clean Water Centre is
being transformed into a world-class centre of excellence. 

Through enhancements to its Technology Demonstration Facility, a new Mobile Training Unit
and a philosophy focused on inspiring future water professionals, the WCWC team has
developed a comprehensive outreach program to share knowledge and leading-edge
technology. This innovative approach is helping the province’s water professionals meet
Ontario’s stringent drinking water standards and prepare to meet future challenges. 

As a result of the team’s ingenuity, the four-year-old Walkerton Clean Water Centre is quickly
gaining recognition as an innovative, world-class training institution and centre of excellence in
water treatment. 

Since 2005, more than 15,000 drinking water operators and professionals across the province
have been trained. 

Back Row L to R: Venkat Ramani, WCWC; The Honourable John Gerretsen, Minister, MOE; Omar Alshikh, WCWC; Maurice Oduor, WCWC; Dr. Souleymane Ndiongue, WCWC; Kelly Fransen, WCWC; Katherine Campbell, WCWC; Corinne Louther, WCWC 

Front Row L to R: Orna Salamon, Director, Drinking Water Programs Branch, MOE; Krys Potapczyk, Assistant Director/Manager, Stakeholder Relations, MOE; Linda Thompson, WCWC; Devendra Borikar, WCWC; Paula VanVeen, WCWC; CEO Dr. Saad Jasim, WCWC; Lissa Irwin, WCWC; Patricia Ruetz, WCWC; Dr. Housseini Coulibaly; Kevin Flynn, Parliamentary Assistant, MOE 

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